Horror Movie Halloween Gravestones

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After buying my Cricut Explore Air 2 this was a game changer for the gravestones we’ve made over the years. The cricut allows me to cut sticker vinyl to place on the wood gravestones to create Horror Movie Halloween Gravestones. The sticker vinyl is easier than painting.

Using oracal sticker vinyl 651 allows it to be resistant to the outdoors. Oracal 651 is an outdoor type of vinyl. There is other brands just make sure whatever vinyl you decide to use is an outdoor one that will last.

Paint The Halloween Gravestones:

First, I took the old wood stones we had and just repainted them with black chalk paint. The chalk paint I find covers well and is pretty inexpensive at Walmart. Five dollars for a large bottle of black chalk paint will cover all the stones.

Cut the wood stones however you’d like. Rounded or squared it doesn’t matter. Coat the gravestones with one or two coats of paint till you cannot see the wood anymore. This could also be two tones with gray and black. That’s really up to you.

Freddy Kreuger Gravestone

Making the Cricut files

Second, on the cricut use different horror movie fonts in cricut design space to make and cut out the sticker vinyl. I found most of the fonts on Dafont. I made svg files of these in paint shop pro X8 and inkscape. However, you can just use the font in design space and type out what’s needed.

Leatherface Halloween Gravestone

I use a blue mat with the sticker vinyl. Use the vinyl setting and cut out the lettering. Apply it with transfer tape. I use a clear contact paper from Dollar Tree. The contact paper is just easy to use for the transfer tape.

Michael Myers Halloween Gravestone

Lastly, I add a coat of mod podge. The mod podge is the blue labeled that’s dishwasher safe. This layer helps the gravestone lettering stay on even longer. We listed the horror movies from the date they came out to the last one that was made.

Gravestones laided out with lettering on plastic sheeting

I found the silhouettes of Freddy Kreuger’s glove, Leatherface’s saw, and Michael Myer’s knife on google images. Just made the image background transparent, saved as a png, and cut it out on the cricut.

Michael Myers Gravestone

Above all I added holes in four places to attach these to the balcony. If you want to put them into the ground stakes can be added to the back to hammer into the ground or stack bricks behind them. The Horror Movie Halloween Gravestones are the best front yard Halloween decor!

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Horror Movie Halloween Gravestones

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