How To Sew Cloth Napkins

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Sewing napkins is pretty darn easy. Napkins come in handy to style the dishes you see here on the blog. This is a guide on how to sew cloth napkins. These are without a mitered edge. Simple folded edge napkins that can be used for any table setting.

Cloth Napkins in gray, stripes, and plaid

Napkin rings, folded napkins, or napkins set on top of the plate works great. Place on top of the plate with a fork, spoon, and knife. Set the napkins to the right or left of the plate with silverware.

Cloth Napkins in gray, stripes, and plaid on gray wood background

The fat quarters pictured above were bought at Hobby Lobby. First, fabric that need be used either is 18″ x 18″ or will need to be fat quarters. Second, I needed variation in the fabrics so I bought a set of fat quarters. However if you’d like the fabric all the same just buy all of the same fabric.

Cloth Napkins in gray, stripes, and plaid

Learn to make these cloth napkins below

How To Sew Cloth Napkins

How To Sew Cloth Napkins
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time30 minutes
Total Time40 minutes
Course: DIY
Keyword: DIY, Napkins, Sewing
Yield: 4 Napkins
Author: Jenne Kopalek
Cost: $15


  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Clips


  • 4 – 18 ” pieces of fabric
  • 1 spool of Gutermann thread matching color


  • Make a double folded edge around the napkin. Fold edge all the way around and press with iron. Then fold the edges again and press with iron. Clip with sewing clips.
    Sewing the napkin in gray
  • Once folded and pressed your ends should look like this before sewing.
    Sewing the napkin in gray
  • Stitch down the sides. When you get to a corner turn the fabric.
    How To Sew Cloth Napkins
  • Backwards stitch into the corners and then back down. This will make the corners stay down and have a nice edge when finished.
    How To Sew Cloth Napkins
  • As you can see here the edges are stitched to both corners making it lay flat.
    How To Sew Cloth Napkins
  • Once you have sewn all corners then press the napkin into thirds.

These napkins are a beginner and easy level sewing project. Hence this tutorial on how to sew cloth napkins is easier than a mitered edge. The napkins easily wash up in the washer and dried. Above all I use dawn dish soap for any stains.

Napkins in gray, plaid,  and stripes on a wood gray board

Cloth napkins are sewn with all types of fabric. However, I have found that fabric that is plaid or has the same colors all the way through tend to look best overall. Napkins are great for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or any way you’d like to style your table seasonally.

Cloth Napkins on Gray wood

Make Napkins As Gifts

The sewn cloth napkins are great for housewarming gifts. This year with incomes being tough an inexpensive project with on sale fabric can yield gifts for Christmas. Find out what themes and colors friends and family have in their dining rooms or breakfast nooks.

How to make napkins on gray wood board

Match fabric to those themes and make nice napkin gift set for each. Homemade gifts are just as nice as bought gifts. In addition to regular gifts homemade gifts are cost effective. Hence more gifts will be made for lesser price. Look for coupons on apps like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann. Tie with ribbon and gift easily!

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