Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath

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After creating the Fall Pumpkin Buffalo Plaid Wreath I knew I had to keep the plaid vibe going. Hence when it came to making my horror movie wreath I knew it’s was time to for go the orange from some red and black buffalo plaid mesh. This Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath features places from different horror movies.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath

On the wreath is Derry, Maine from the movie IT from the Stephen King books. Camp Crystal Lake which is from the Friday the 13th series. Haddonfield for the town in the Halloween series with Michael Myers. Additionally, is Woodsboro from Scream and Amityville which is the town in the movie of itself.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath Step One

Each place just as spooky in it’s own right. This wreath came together over weeks of thinking what horror film places I wanted to feature. What else would go great on the wreath like the Michael Myers signature knife and the paper boat from the movie IT. Would have loved to have a red wood balloon but alas it was nowhere to be found.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath Step Two

The Trinkets:

The skulls on the wreath were painted skulls from Dollar Tree. Something very similar are these skulls. In which I painted white and black with acrylic paint for the horror wreath. We used light weight wood pieces to paint and then with the cricut cutting machine we cut some SVG files to make our horror movie places plaques.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath Step Three

The Method:

The first step is to take decorative mesh with pipe cleaners that are cut in half and attach the mesh in poofs along the wire frame. Depending on the size of the wire frame depends on how much mesh you will need. We like to do two layers of one color and another layer in the center of another color or pattern.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath Step Four

Take the two pieces of deco mesh along with ribbon of choice then wrap with a piece of pipe cleaner. Attach these to each metal line break to help fill in the wreath. If you have bare spots this is also a good way place to attach these to fill the wreath in.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath Step 5

Attaching Trinkets For Horror Movie Wreath:

Then I used the painted light weight wood pieces with the horror movie places on them and glued them to the wreath. Additionally, I add in the painted skulls and the Michael Myers costume knife. We watched a video on how to fold the IT paper boat. Then used it for the upper part of the wreath.

Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath

The pumpkins were found in the Halloween section of Hobby Lobby, To have the knife match the wreath the handle was painted with black acrylic paint. The knife, boat, skulls, and signs are secured with hot glue. More hot glue will be need on the heavier objects,

The plaques are slanted different ways in order to give a spooky effect. This effect will also help give the wreath character and depth. If you see any bare spots trinkets and rolled mesh can help fill in the spots.

If your a horror movie fanatic or you know one this is a great Halloween or Boo gift. Surprise someone or place this Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid wreath on your own door. Change up the places or use different horror movie character names. It’s done right spooky fun!

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Horror Movie Buffalo Plaid Wreath

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