Halloween Candy Cauldron Stand

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Our anniversary is Halloween which can make it difficult to pass out candy. Usually we are off doing our own Halloween celebrating. Hence, the reason why I built this Halloween Candy Cauldron Stand. We needed a way to make sure the kids and adults knew to still come by and get candy on Halloween.

My husband and I remember Halloween from our childhood being so different. The streets were filled with kids. Every single house had their lights on which usually were orange lights or something spooky. That time of year you just couldn’t wait to don a costume and hang out with your friends.

How To Make Halloween Candy Cauldron Stand:

The first step is to take some light weight cheap wood that can be cut with a saw into arrow shapes like you see above. I found this for $3.42 at Home Depot in the section next to the cork board and peg board. It’s lightweight and perfect for projects like this.

I just used some black chalk paint I had lying around since it has a really great coverage. Paint one side of the arrows and let dry. Flip and paint the other side of the arrows then let dry. Once the arrows are dry they can be added to the pole with a nail gun.

After the arrows are set it’s time to work on painting the base. The base is a wood piece from Hobby Lobby that I grabbed for $2.99 in their wood section. I then used their app for an additional 40% off the wood.

The Base:

With the same chalk paint as before the base was painted with a coat on one side then let dry. Once the base is dry flip it and paint the other side. Let the base full dry. Once the base is dry the pole can be add to the base either by a screw or by nail gun from base to the pole.

One you have attached the stand to the base you can finish off painting the pole and the edges of the arrows. You will see more places that need touch up and this is the best way before adding the cauldron and oracal vinyl.

Once all the entire sign is painted I then started to create with the cricut the names for the arrows. Each of these places are from horror movies that we like. Bates Motel is from Psycho. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium is from the new Halloween movie.

Some of the names are a little more obscure than others but that’s how we roll. Using the cricut with oracal vinyl and SVG files we cut the different names then applied them to the arrows.

After the names were applied some skulls from Dollar Tree were painted and hot glued to the bottom. These just added more character to the stand. Totally optional to be added. Add spiders, witches feet, or skulls. Get creative to what your sign reflects.

Lastly, we attached the cauldron to the top with a screw through the bottom of the bucket to the pole. After we added the Happy Halloween to the outside of the bucket. Just fill with candy and place on your porch. Easy way to pass out candy when your out trick or treating or partying yourself!

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Halloween Candy Cauldron Stand

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