Harry Potter Soup Bowl Cozy

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If your anything like me you love the world of Harry Potter including Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. This is a Harry Potter Soup Bowl Cozy made to keep your bowl from being hot to the touch when removing it from the microwave.

Harry Potter Fabric bowl cozy

Use your bowl in it to keep the heat off your hands when devouring hot soup. This soup cozy is probably one of my favorite projects I have sewn. I love it because I love to eat soup. Great for DIY Christmas or Birthday gifts..

Harry Potter soup bowl cozy on smokey colored background

One side of the bowl cozy is Harry Potter Deathly Hallows fabric and the other is Fantastic Beast fabric. I got both of the fabric designs at Joann fabrics. Personally, I am not an avid seamstress so this is a pretty easy project.

Harry Potter soup bowl cozy with white bowl in it.

Materials To make Soup Bowl Cozy:

Sewing Harry Potter fabris

How To Make The Cozy:

Lay fabric out flat and with a measuring tape or cutting board cut the fabric 10″x10″. You can do this with folded fabric or if you would like to different sides then cut one piece of one fabric and one piece of another.

Harry Potter Fabrics stitched

Lay out wrap n’ zap and then cut 10″x10″ squares. I cut this folded as you need two pieces. Lay out the two piece of wrap n’ zap and then place your fabric print side up on top.

Run this through the machine caddy corner from corner to corner. Do this twice to make a cross across the fabric. Do this on each piece.

Padding sewn across

Place the square fabric side up and then fold from the bottom up. Measure 2″ on the long side and mark then 1″ on the short side and mark. Do this on the bottom of each side. Then draw a line. You will then stitch along this line. Cut off excess.

Padding and layers shown together

Repeat this process on both squares. Once completed fold the fabric where the points meet. Repeat the above process of marking and stitching the ends. Trim off excess.

Two Pieces with padding together

Open your bowls up. Flip one to where the wrap n’zap is face outward and up. Align the points. Clip or pin them together. Stitch around the outside of the bowl making sure to get fabric and stuffing.

Harry Potter fabrics together pinned

I usually do a 1/2 inch stitch to make sure that the fabric doesn’t get away from me when flipping right side in. Make sure when stitching to leave a 1 inch hole to flip your design right side in.

bowl inside of the cozy

Finishing Touches

After flipping check to make sure you don’t see any of the wrap n’ zap. If you do flip it back inside out and stitch again. Once you have it right side in and don’t see any of the wrap n’ zap then make sure your points are pushed out. Fold in the hole and top stitch around the outside.

Harry Potter soup cozy on smoky background

After top stitching push the bowl down and make sure the points are up. This will make the bowl shape. Now the bowl cozy is ready for serving. We have two cozies in our home!

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