For a media kit please email mooshujenne(at)

There are a variety of ways that Mooshu Jenne are available to possibly partner with your brand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a partnership opportunity from any of the options below, or to discuss any other ideas you might have. Jenne would love to hear from you! Press request options are below.

Freelance Writing and Editorials:

Jenne loves working with brands to develop unique content for your products and/or services. Whether that includes freelance recipe development, editorial writing, or guest posting; she is available to discuss any ideas you may have by email at mooshujenne(at)

Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts is a great way to work with my readers introducing them to your brand. If you have ideas about content that you think would connect with my readers, please let me know!

Brand Ambassadorship:

Jenne would love to consider any opportunity to represent your brand, product and/or service over an extended time period as a brand ambassador. Partnership opportunities can include sharing your brand with our readers via blog posts, social media, and more.

Recipe Development:

Jenne loves creating new recipes, and has worked with brands to develop special recipes to feature specific products. These recipes can be developed for an external site or publication or the opportunity can be discussed to publish the recipe on

Food Styling & Photography:

Jenne is available to style and photograph recipes upon request. She shoots with her Nikon D5100. All photography on the site is photographed by Jenne Kopalek unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved. If you would like to use one of the photos on the site please contact her through email at mooshujenne(at)

Conference Attendance:

Jenne is available for sponsorship to represent your brand at a blogging or relevant-themed conference. Mooshu Jenne is growing a wide social network and would enjoy the opportunity to promote your brand virtually and in-person throughout the course of a conference. We are currently seeking sponsors for the following conferences:

Company Events, Press Trips or Retreats:

Jenne is available to attend company events, press trips and/or retreats to share with our readers. She looks forward to the chance to learn more about your brand and sharing the experience with my readers via social media. A follow-up blog post is always a  must.

Giveaways and Product Reviews:

Giveaways and reviews can be fun posts on Mooshu Jenne! If you have a product or service that you feel would connect with our readers, please contact us! All giveaways are also promoted heavily over social media networks. Please contact us for more information about giveaways and/or reviews partnership opportunities. We use Rafflecopter for all of our giveaways unless requested otherwise.

Brand Disclosures:

We will always disclose to our readers the nature of partnerships with brands. Readers have access to a full disclosure policy found on the Mooshu Jenne. We will also include a small disclaimer at the end of any post which is written on behalf of a company or partner, per FTC guidelines. We will make readers aware if money or product was exchanged for the post. Even if compensated the review is still  with a valued opinion and in no way “buys” that opinion.


Please contact Jenne at mooshujenne(at) to discuss any potential partnership opportunities. We would love to connect!