Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars

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Stars remind me of fireworks this time of year. These Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars are adorable to make and set on your farmhouse tiers. The farmhouse stars additionally are fun for any kind of decor big or small!

Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars Picture for display

These specific stuffed patriotic stars were made for a Farmhouse Tier that will feature these July 4th gnomes. some succulents, and other painted wood pieces for a fun seasonal decor piece. The fabric was purchased at Joann if your looking to have the specific patterns.

Snoppy and red truck stuffed stars on white background for display

What is wonderful about these little stuffed stars is if kids come over they can’t break them! Make them larger for outside cushions or small for decor. The raw edges is what makes the stars country and super cute!

How to cut the farmhouse patriotic stuffed star

Materials Needed For Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars:

  • poly fil (for stuffing the starts)
  • fat quarter of fabric (fabric needs depend on how big of a star you want to cut)
  • thread (I prefer gutermann)
Sewing the farmhouse stuffed star

How To Sew The Star:

First, print out any star shape you want. This can be any image off google or create one on canva. Second use this to cut your fabric to the star shape you would like. I wanted odd pointed shaped stars. Run the stitch along the edge with the printed side up on both sides. You will not flip the star inside out. The stitching on the star is meant to be shown.

How to stuff the farmhouse stuffed star

After that stitch all along the edge of the star but leave one edge not sewn. This is where you will stuff the star. Stuff the star being sure to get the stuffing into all of the points. I use a stick to make sure to get it all into each point.

Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars - How to Stuff the Star

After stuffing the star take it to the sewing machine and stitch the one point you left open closed. Start at the stitch you left off with. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you want a little worn look which gives the farmhouse decor vibe.

Red Truck Star On Wood

Trim around the edges of the stars and the points. This allows for the extra material to look a little better and it will fray. You want the fray as it adds to the farmhouse 4th of July look.

Farmhouse Patriotic Stuffed Stars Displayed On White

Place them in a tiered tray or in a basket for easy 4th of July decorations. Pull them back out for patriotic holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day. Make stars for all the different holidays. Such as Halloween and Christmas patterns for those tiered trays and baskets.

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