Wanderlust Road Trip Planner Printable

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Last year before our road trip to Florida I scoured the internet to find a cool road trip planner. The wanderlust road trip planner printable needed to be specific to the style of travel we were doing.

Most planners were for plane trips. What I was looking for was a planner that had it all for a road trip! Attractions, museums, monuments, breweries, and etc.

Wanderlust Road Trip Planner

It is very important for me to have a planner that has everything in it or I will forget what I wanted to do on my travels. That’s why I designed this Wanderlust Road Trip Planner.

You know I am one of those over packers. The ones that will bring everything just not to forget something so a planner really helps. When we went on our last trip I way over packed.

This is why I am buying a smaller suit case. Any suggestions? And yes, I said breweries above! I’m making it a point to see what other breweries and distilleries are like. I want to visit as many as possible. Future plans maybe.

Wanderlust Road Trip Planner

I have to admit I added things into it that I would specifically use. It’s perfect for a couple traveling or a family.

Wanderlust Road Trip Planner

My plan with this wanderlust road trip planner is to use it to not only plan for our travels but to keep records of what we spend, where we went, and in general journal everything about the trip.

As a blogger the notes and journal part of this planner can easily be printed in extra copies to keep notes of your travels for later blog posts.

You know you don’t remember every little detail. Just slip the planner in your backpack or camera bag for updates on the go.

My favorite part of this is fill some out before you go which is exciting. Furthermore, I enjoy updating this on the road as we are driving. Just click on the image below for the free download. For the full planner you can download it here.

Wanderlust Road Trip Planner

Gives me something to do in the passenger seat but allows me to document not only my experiences but my husband’s also. How’s that for extra details later in a post or family journal of travels. Pretty fun!

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Wanderlust Road Trip Planner

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  1. I cannot find anywhere to “sign up”, but am definitely interested. My email address is potter07591@gmail.com . I would LOVE access to the travel planner/journal. It looks like exactly what I am looking for!