Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath

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I love working on mesh wreath ideas for the holidays. This is the Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath I made for my own front door. It features the dog show, Macy’s Day Parade, Pie and more.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 10

When making this specific wreath I tapped into the those ideas for what Thanksgiving is for myself and my family. To us it’s not really about football but it is the parade, the dog show, and of course for all the food.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 3

Making your home inviting at the holidays is great for guests. The compliments on the decor are always fantastic. Going the extra mile to have it feel seasonal is what people really will enjoy and brings on the spirit of the season.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 9

To make this wreath you’ll need a few items. Most of these you can obtain at your local craft stores. Additionally, pine cones were bought at the grocery store and are scented cinnamon. The mesh, pumpkins, and even the wood plaques were found at Hobby Lobby,. Lastly, the cute dog I found at Walmart in the seasonal section.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 8

Items Need to Make This Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath:

  • two to three different colors mesh ribbon
  • pine cones
  • little foam pumpkins
  • wood signs
  • white paint
  • vinyl for cricut machine (if doing signs)
  • stuffed dog
  • large wire wreath frame
  • two types of ribbon
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue
Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 7


The first step is to take decorative mesh with pipe cleaners that are cut in half and attach the mesh in poofs along the wire frame. Depending on the size of the wire frame depends on how much mesh you will need. We like to do two layers of one color and another layer in the center of another color or pattern.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 6

Take the two pieces of deco mesh along with ribbon of choice then wrap with a piece of pipe cleaner. Attach these to each metal line break to help fill in the wreath. If you have bare spots this is also a good way place to attach these to fill the wreath in.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath


Then I used the painted light weight wood pieces with the thanksgiving items on them and glued them to the wreath. I used the cricut to cut out the vinyl names and attach it with transfer tape to the wood signs. You can hand paint these if you don’t have a cricut.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 4

I placed the pumpkins and pine cones where I like them then hot glued to the wreath. I placed the dog where I liked it. The dog was hot glued heavily in many places to the wreath so it would be secure. After hot gluing the Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath I like to double check that everything is attached well.

Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath 2

Once the Thanksgiving wreath is finished it is hung on a wreath hook that goes over the door. I added my pour some gravy sign and a few pumpkins to really make a special seasonal home front. Check out the other wreaths we’ve made!

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Thanksgiving Mesh Door Wreath

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