Seattle Waterfront Pier

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When we booked our trip to Seattle one of the first things I did was watch everything I could on the pier. Quite literally even 4K streaming videos of the pier. Hence, I guess you could say I was obsessed. Honestly, it’s a trip that we had been waiting to take for more than 10 years. The anticipation literally drove me crazy but when we finally landed our feet in Seattle it was love at first sight.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

The Pier

When we arrived in Seattle we took the train from the airport to the hotel. After arriving at the hotel we placed everything where it needed to be and took off towards the Pike Public Market. Hence, the market back up to the pier. We grabbed some Piroshky Piroshky and head to the patio that looks over the Puget Sound. It was a little foggy but sunny and just down right beautiful. After all the pacific northwest has some of the prettiest trees. Later we walked along the pier then headed to the Crab Pot for dinner.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

The Crab Pot

First, the thought was that this place was over rated because every said you have to try it. Truthfully, it was on spot with service and food. Just take a look at the photo below to see how fresh and big the crab is. Additionally, they had a good price on beer in which I had an Alaska Amber. Hence, I love the way it pairs with seafood. The server was lively and helped suggest some places to visit around the city. The locals are awesome in Seattle!

The Crab Pot is located on Pier 57 where you will also see the ferris wheel that lights up. Additionally, there is a few shops for souvenirs and small arcade. It’s a great place to take the family or go for date night. The food was hands down amazing. Therefore, we will be going back in April.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

Ivar’s Fish Bar

Secondly, we visited Ivar’s Fish Bar which is not to be confused with the Ivar’s Restaurant. They are right next to each other. The restaurant is a bit fancy and more of sit down meal. The fish bar is outside where you can walk up and order. Off to the side is a indoor area to eat. Furthermore, once your finished bring your fries behind the building to the pier and feed the seagulls.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

If your lucky one might take it right from your hand. We had one come inside the building to greet us. Definitely something fun to do with the kids. However, read the signs and be respectful of the animals. Additionally, we order one four piece and shared it because it was plenty of food along with enough fries to share with the seagulls.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

The Ferry

The ferry to the other islands can be found just down the pier from Ivar’s fish bar. The tickets are $8.50 round trip and it’s definitely something we recommend doing. Therefore if you plan it just right you can visit Bainbridge Island and visit the shops. Head back at dusk to get beautiful skyline photographs on your way back as we did above. This was leaving the Island below. Take a jacket as the ferry ride can be chilly at night.

Seattle Waterfront Pier

Seattle Souvenir Shops

Most of the shops around the city have all the same Seattle souvenirs. Most noteworthy is a place by the pier that seems to be great on prices. When it came to the souvenirs I bought everything I need on the pier. Hence, we even mailed some army knives back home that were wood with names on them. Definitely couldn’t take them on the plane.

Above all, the pier should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you are headed to Seattle. Honestly, we stayed a block away from the Pike Public Market and it was a very short walk to the pier. If you need transportation their is a free shuttle transit that comes between 10 AM and 8PM. Just wear good shoes!

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Seattle Waterfront Pier

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  1. Gorgeous photos of such an amazing place! I love Seattle and all of the activities and sites – you really captured some of the greats!

  2. I’d like to have a date night there too, the place looks so romantic and unforgettable.
    We may feed the seagulls together, my husband would really love to agree with that.

  3. Wow, the Crab Pot is really an amazing place to have seafood. The hairy crab look so delicious and I hope it is affordable. What a great getaway to Seattle waterfront pier.

  4. Your photos are beautiful! I would love to visit seattle one day. I’m glad you finally got to go there for vacation. Seattle looks like a great place to visit with so many cool things to see and do!