How To Prepare for Fan Expo Dallas 2018

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Alright, comic geeks and pop culture nerds with Fan Expo Dallas 2018 approaching in a couple days you’ll need to prepare. Here’s your guide of how to prepare for Fan Expo Dallas 2018! Of course, there’s a lot you’ll have to take in consideration during preparation. You will need to know what to take and how to be comfortable during your trip.

Clothing and Cosplays

How To Prepare For Fan Expo Dallas 2018

We know you will want to show off your geeky gear with the rest of the geeks but you will want to be comfortable. Shorts and a tank top or soft shirt will go miles for comfort. Additionally, you will want to wear your most comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day!

You don’t want your clothing to slow you down; trust me. I’d refrain from jewelry too. It could get irritating or just plain in the way. Furthermore, if you’re going in costume then of course you will want to make your costume pretty comfortable and you will want to stay hydrated too. No one wants to get sick at Fan Expo.

Backpacks and Totes

How To Prepare For Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Now, If you are wondering why you would bring a backpack to Fan Expo. It’s because you won’t want to carry all of your awesome geeky items around all day. A simple backpack, draw-string bag, or messenger bag is perfect to hold your stuff.

If you don’t have a backpack and need one there’s tons of awesome vendors that sell bags too. Like the one pictured above that I bought last year at Meesh Originals.

You can also pick a tote bag at the Fan Expo Dallas Shop. Remember to get your bags checked while entering the Expo!

Cameras and Phones

How To Prepare For Fan Expo Dallas 2018

During Fan Expo Dallas you will want to take pictures for sure! Now, just please remember to be respectful when taking pictures. Also always ask the subjects if it is okay to photograph them.

Cosplay is not consent; also some Cosplayers and guest may request no photography. Though, I do encourage you to step out of your box! If you would like a picture with person or a specific Cosplayer I encourage you to ask.

Most of the Cosplayers are usually pretty awesome about photographs! Remember, we are all just a bunch of geeks in costumes meeting other great geeks! Be sure to share your pictures on Instagram and Twitter using the #FXD2018 hashtag.

Props and Weapons

How To Prepare For Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Attendees who come to any Fan Expo event with a prop may be stopped by show security and sent to the Prop Check Desk. At the Prop Check Desk, security will inspect that your prop complies with the HQ rules and regulations regarding props.

Security will issue a sticker to be placed in a visible area of the prop. Please remember to check in at the Prop Check Desk. The safety of all attendees, staff, and guests is key to Fan Expos and Comic Cons.

We all want to be in a safe environment; so let’s make it one! I recommend not carrying around that prop and give yourself free hands to shop and photograph.

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How To Prepare For Fan Expo Dallas 2018

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