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Located around the corner and down some hidden stairs you can find the little bar known as Jarrbar Seattle. The Jarrbar has entertained the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern and for good reason too.  An intimate place featuring cured seafood and meats paired with classic cocktails, wines from Iberia (and a few closer to home), and cold beer.

Jamon Iberco JarrBar
Image by Jarrbar

As we mingled Seattle the first night we visited two young ladies pointed us in the direction of the Jarrbar. We had just visited the pier and decided it was time for a night cap. We walked down the hill to the Jarrbar which is located behind the Pike Public Market. That evening we sipped on cider and chatted in this small, candle lit bar. Which explains the look of my next few pictures.

Jarrbar Jamon Iberco

On day three, we headed back to the Jarrbar to try the famed Jamon Iberico which you see the leg above and the dish just above. Jamon Iberico is an acorn fed pig from Spain. The flavor of the Jamon Iberico is out of this world. Hammy and salting goodness that melts away with the thin slices in your mouth. When in Seattle this is a must with cold beer or a cocktail.

Jarrbar Jamon Iberco

Once trying the Jamon Iberico we knew we had to try the olives. The marinated olives come in various sizes but have a unique flavor. The flavor is from notes of citrus and pairs perfectly with the Jamon Iberico. The lovely Mandi, then suggested the cured Spanish meats plate.  We figured why not and completely enjoyed all of them. If I lived in Seattle this would be my weekly stop.

Jarrbar Cured Spanish Meats Plate

It was a real experience visiting a place where we have watched some of the chefs we love on Travel Channel visit then stand or sit in some of the same places. Makes for a very surreal moment. If your in Seattle or planning a visit the Jarrbar is the probably number one on my list of places you should visit. Make it your late night stop.

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Jarrbar Seattle

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