Harry Potter Spell Ornaments

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Harry Potter Spell ornaments made from basswood with the XTool M1. Painted with a gold matte paint for a spellbinding look on the Christmas tree. Super easy craft project to make for those Potterheads.

Reducto ornament on the tree with lights.

Get ready to sprinkle your holiday season with a dash of DIY magic as we delve into making spectacular Harry Potter ornaments using the XTool M1!

Reducto ornament on the tree with lights.

This laser machine is a crafter’s dream, turning simple sheets of basswood into beautiful cursive ornaments, each brimming with spell like luster and festive cheer.

Ascendio Harry Potter Ornament in gold.

I love how the Xtool M1 precisely cuts and engraves unique designs. Let’s get started below with this magical project.


Once you have all the materials then it’s time to upload the svg files to the XTool creative space. Just open them and size the files to the size you’d like the ornaments to be.

Screenshot of Xtool creative space with ornaments.

I do try to get as many of the ornaments to a wood piece as possible so that I’m using the entire source. One of the things I enjoy about XTool creative space is that it allows you to see and do this.

Then use the shape tool to find the circle and then place it at the top of each SVG and set the cut settings. This is for the hole to loop the green ornament hooks through.

Settings For XTool M1

For cut I used the recommended power 100, speed 8, pass 2. On 3mm basswood setting with triangle prisms. The machine will cut out around all the lettering. If you find that the ornaments are breaking on longer words you can cut two sets and glue them together with e6000 glue back to back.

Processing page screenshot for Xtool creative space.

After cutting out the design with the XTool M1. Remove the wood from the machine. I put them on a plastic drop sheet and paint them with the Folkart acrylic paint front and back. The paint can soak in so two coats is a must!

Painted Harry Potter Spell ornaments on a plastic drop sheet.

Once I have at least two coats on them I let them dry overnight. I have found that usually they dry within just a few hours. But I like to make sure their fully dry before adding the hooks and placing on the tree.

Stupefy harry potter spell ornament on the christmas tree,

Once dry place the hook into the hole and twist to the right. Hook onto the tree or a spellbinding look to a Harry Potter Christmas tree. If you would also like to make the flying keys you can get the Harry Potter flying key ornaments tutorial here.

Stupefy harry potter spell ornament on the christmas tree,

We hope the potterheads out there enjoy this Xtool tutorial for Harry Potter spell ornaments. Working the the XTool is lots of fun for crafts and for making things to sell. Stay tuned for more craft tutorials with the XTool M1.

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