Graduation Party Printable Checklist

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As we close this school year out I am nearing the last year of high school with my daughter. Every moment seems like it needs to be saved in every single way. The one party I have yet to plan is a Graduation party. This Graduation Party Printable Checklist is a must!

Now, I have been to a few some I have adorable ideas including a over packed pinterest board with plenty of ideas. When I started to think about this the first thing that came to mind is where do I even start. So, I created a Graduation Party Printable Checklist for all of you and myself!

Graduation Party Printable Checklist

Senior year has so many event in it by itself along with the fact that my daughter is in color guard which adds more events. Many more events and time crunches. I have to think ahead.

With any checklist it allows me to keep up with all things senior, grad, party, and more. I’ve already started to get decorating ideas along with venue information. I really don’t want to have to deal with people at a house.

I feel like a venue is a good fit for dinner, gifts, pictures, and more. Some decoration but not nearly as much as I would do at a house.

The Graduation Party Printable Checklist:

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Thinking of restaurants with private rooms. There is always an option to do it outside by the pool but I am not sure that would be the best place in case of rain. Weather here can be so unpredictable.

Just this morning it was bright and sunny and here we are looking at overcast and possible storms. While I love this type of weather I don’t want it to rain on her graduation parade.

Of course, we could always do a venue and if people want to come to swim after then the more fun that could be. We will have guests but I don’t think it will be tons.

Graduation Party Printable Checklist

Food is a must but I’d like to just pay so I can actually be dressed nice, get pictures with her, and just all around be available for guests and her. It a moment that passes by so fast that I don’t want to be tied up running around doing everything.

If you have some suggestions I’d love to hear about them below. Hope you enjoy the free printable. Just click the image to download the PDF.

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