Why Visit Dallas Fan Days Near Halloween

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Hey friends! Today is the open for this weekends Dallas Fan Days. I mean who doesn’t want an adult excuse to go dress up? I know my family does. Tomorrow we are headed to Dallas Fan Days at the Irving Convention Center.

Fan Days

Where we are excited over hundreds of vendors that will have anything your geeky or nerdy mind could imagine. In fact, we are specifically looking forward to some bookmarkers that we picked up at Fan Expo Dallas. Why not visit Fan Days near Halloween!

Honestly, I have to say I am very excited about Dallas Fan Days. Between Supernatural’s Ruth Connell and Graham Mc Tavish who played one of the Hobbits but better known to me as the one of the lead characters on Outlander.

I will definitely be getting there early on Saturday for that Q&A. Not to mention a full Star War room. Rey’s speeder will be making an appearance which is night to see how cool it is in person.

Dressing Up

With the lack of really cool Halloween events in our area Dallas Fan Days can replace the need to dress up. My son will be walking around tomorrow in a horror outfit as Ghost Face from Scream.

Yes, you can wear horror to Dallas Fan Days and you can also wear it to Dallas Fan Expo. Come dressed in your favorite geeky or nerdy show, something supernatural, or even come as a Disney princess/prince.

We are looking for the best costumes to get pictures with! Don’t be afraid to stop Ghost Face for a spooky picture. He will be happy to pose!

For all you Dr. Who fans don’t miss out on Dallas Fan Days. David Tennant also know for his role in Harry Potter will be there to sign and take photo ops.

We cannot wait to see all the costumes people have designed from the show. Plus all the amazing panels and Q&A’s are fantastic on a Saturday or Sunday fun day.

Go Social

We hope you find a few costume inspirations from our picture from Fan Expo earlier this year. We are hoping to see some really detailed costumes. Do you have an idea? Will you be dressed up?

Share it with us by using the hashtag #FanDays and #MooshuJenne together. We would love to see what you plan on or are wearing! I will be walking around with Ghost Face myself with a Star Wars scarf; if the weather is what they say it will be.

Ladies, be nice to your husbands and let them take pictures with those awesome chicks who dressed up in amazing costumes like this one.

No really! I think he was so embarrassed because I asked if she would pose with him. Okay so I am totally jealous of her costume. How rad is that thing!

This young lady took the cake though! Her costume is seriously amazing and she pulls the part off well. So put those fears aside. Get up and slap on a costume. Come out to Dallas Fan Days for some crazy cool fun!

Plus, did I mention the shopping? Yes, I swear it’s the only reason my son gets so excited days before. He loves all the merchandise you can find there and not anywhere local. Any who, cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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