What To See & Do While In Austin

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We didn’t have much time to plan a vacation nor take one but we decided to squeeze one in anyway. Deciding on a short trip to Austin and San Antonio would thought be fun.  We visited SeaWorld and Aquatica which you can read about at their links under travel. The first part of our trip we went to Austin. Here is a little about what we thought of the places we visited along with a few tips and tricks along the way.

Austin Summer Trip

Little Czech Bakery

Austin Summer Trip

I heard so much hype about this place for years. It was packed like not room line out the door packed. The kolaches were good but not what I am used to from my mother in law that is Czech. She needs to start a shop seriously! Or maybe I will just get a few of her recipes to share here.

Austin Summer Trip

I definitely think this place is worth a stop though. All the goodies in the morning on a road trip. No way I would pass. I do wish we could have tried the Czech restaurant across the street. Maybe next time! Of course I had to make my Czech husband hold up this bag too 😉 

Austin Summer Trip - Little Czech Bakery

Texas State Capitol 

The first thing we hit up when we got to Austin was the the State Capitol Building. This current building was erected in 1888 as the building before it caught fire. Texas State Capitol building itself is stunning not even thinking of the history it’s walls hold. 

Austin Summer Trip

They just don’t building places like they used to. All the hand work that went into every single detail is truly astonishing. I like to visit places like this. They have some sort of mesmerizing factor. The way people lived, work, and the history that happened in these places even if it wasn’t over 200 hundred years

Austin Summer Trip

I make it a point to see the historical places and to take my family to them. You never know the next time you have an exam in history you can say I’ve been there! Believe it or not, when you visit historical places the memories stay with you. I think you learn the history better this way.

Austin Summer Trip

It’s so neat that these places are still in existence. If you decided to visit the capitol building there is a parking garage really close by. You can’t miss it. It’s between a pink and peach color on the outside. The cost depends on the time you stay at the capitol. We toured it ourselves but there is plenty of group guided tours you can take that will talk all about the history of the capitol. 


This is our favorite picture from Austin. It really shows her spirit and her love of Texas. Not growing up here I am not fond of Texas but she is totally a southern girl with the charm and all. She’s even wearing her squad shirt for color guard which she is the squad leader of.

Torchy’s Tacos

Honestly, we just loved this place. We are so excited to get one here soon. We actually have a full post on Torchy’s Tacos. I still wanted to mention it here because this is a must visit! The building is cool. The tacos are damn good. Also, the area around is great for some shopping.

Austin Summer Trip

Lakeway Resort and Spa

Lakeway Resort and Spa has some absolutely amazing views of Lake Travis. You have to drive through some hills and over a dam which I didn’t like to get to it. The resort features three pools for adults with a swim up bar. This bar needs to be open though during the week after 8PM.

Austin Summer Trip

We went to dinner to come back and find that it was closed. Luckily, we drove there so we were able to go through a drive through barn to pick up some Corona’s. The kids slide is only open when they have someone there which my daughter had to go down the next morning to visit it since it was also closed.


I would highly suggest the hotel get some staffing for these areas. The views from both the pool and the bar on the second floor were amazing.

Austin Summer Trip

The bartender was very nice. We didn’t get a chance to visit the restaurant but it was definitely resort pricing. We did get a nice fruit bowl complimentary on our stay. It was nice of them to bring us that. They had good coffee in the room which my husband was happy about. This is a good place if your looking for a calm and comfortable vacation with amazing views.

Austin Summer Trip

The Oasis

This probably going to sound really horrible but I wouldn’t eat here again. I would go back for the view. This is a place to go and have a drink with some very stunning views of Lake Travis. The food just wasn’t worth the price. The service was less than pare. Once I got a manager our meal was taken care of and we were not the only ones with problems. So to be fair go for the views not the food. But how could you go wrong with a margarita and some views.


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We didn’t have much time to plan a vacation nor take one but we decided to squeeze one in anyway. Deciding on a short trip to Austin and San Antonio would thought be fun

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      I will try and get it for you. She is in Prague right now on vacation until the end of September. I will see if I can reach her online but it might be awhile. I was planning to have her show me so I can put up a recipe here. There will be other good Czech food coming soon too!