Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs


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Halloween is my time of year. Literally, I love everything that is so fun and creative about it. The spooky costumes, the creepy decor, and the scary movies. What I don’t like is having to clean up during the Halloween parties. Or when people decide to drop by and you have no time to clean before they show up. These Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs are great to make ahead for easy cleaning.

Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs

They only take three ingredients to make but will save you time cleaning sinks and toilets before people show up. Cleaning Bombs are super creepy fun to keep in a jar in the bathroom. Your guests will just have to ask about them. I like to keep them next to my Halloween soaps for extra holiday fun.

Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs

Really simple to make just mix a few ingredients together and pop it in the mold to dry overnight.

Instructions to make Zombie Cleaning Bombs

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 citric acid
  • dawn dish soap

In a small bowl, mix together the baking soda and citric acid. With a fork stir the mixture. Add a few drops of dawn and fluff with fork. Add a little more until the mixture is pliable but not wet. You want it to clump a little. Press the mixture into the zombie brain mold. Let dry overnight. Easily remove them from the mold and store in a jar.

Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs

I use these in the toilet for quick cleaning twice a week. They are also fantastic in sink cleaning. Just fill the sink with water and pop one of these in. Let it fizz out and once done just rinse. Another great use for these zombie brain cleaning bombs is for dishes. When I have a bowl with stuff stuck to it I like pop one of these into it and let it sit. Usually makes the bowl so much easier to clean.

Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs

If your looking for a fun way to clean or ease up cleaning then you must give these zombie brain cleaning bombs a try. If your not into brains this also fun as pumpkins or bats. Either way it will help making cleaning that much easier.

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Zombie Brain Cleaning Bombs

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