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Before we went to Seattle I searched high and low for a purse that would fit my travel needs. First, nothing to bulky nor heavy that would weigh me down. Second, it had to have RFID after both of our cards having information stolen last year this was very important to us. Third, it had to have an easy place to access my mobile phone.

SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

After looking around for months in stores I found a purse but when I went back for it the purse was gone. Furthermore, the search took me online to find anything that could be similar to the first purse. Then it happened and I stumbled onto a site called SaveTheGirls.

SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

The Metro:

The purse is called the Metro and it’s perfect. Hence, it comes with an area to place your phone for touch screen without having to remove your phone. Additionally, it has RFID with a full area to keep all of my cards without a wallet. Therefore it leaves the small space to carry my passport and mophie for charging on the go.

SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

The rose gold color was perfect to go with my travel outfits for a pop of color. Above all the cross body design is fantastic with plenty of length to the strap which is key! Hence, if they had a red version of this metro bag it would be already in my arsenal.

SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

Where The Metro Went:

This metro has been to Seattle and back with out a flaw. Hence, the purse is also used around town which it’s completely replaced my wristlet that I used to wear. So, if your looking for the perfect travel gift or purse in general add this one to your list. Use the Christmas gift cards you receive to get put one up. In the future, it is sure to be on my list for other styles. After all, it’s all about the RFID for me.

SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

Where will you be traveling to? For instance, the city is a perfect place to not have to lug a huge purse around. This purse was truly fantastic in Seattle! Additionally, the brand is all about girls not putting phones into their bras which can have radiation and mishaps. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds are also donated to breast cancer research. You can read more about that below.

SaveTheGirls Metro Purse

Specific’s On The Metro:

The Rose Gold Touch Screen Metro features a cell phone pocket that allows full access to your phone!  It has 8 credit card slots and three pockets (one of the three is a small cash pocket so your cash is easy to access), the other pocket fits your passport, keys and other necessities.  The RFID protection keeps your credit cards information safe! This purse fits any phone with your case still attached. The adjustable strap allows the purse to be worn cross body or traditionally.

I received product in exchange for my review. This in no way changes my opinions as they are all my own. I reached out to this company because this was one of a kind product that I highly searched for.

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SaveTheGirls Metro - The Perfect Travel Purse

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  1. I love the color! Rose gold is my favourite. I can see how this purse would haven been perfect for me a few years ago. Now I’m mom of two that go wherever I go, so I usually carry a little more things with me 😉

  2. The metro is practical and beautiful. I like the rose color of the Metro you chose. A Metro purse would be invaluable to me as it can carry my phone as well as my assortment of cards. Metro blends style, beauty and practicality

  3. I seriously adore this little wallet purse. It’s perfect for travel and just going about town, without having too much to carry. And the color is super cute!