Texas De Brazil Steakhouse


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We are constantly thinking of a gift to get Dad whether is it his birthday or Father’s Day. We don’t think about just a day or evening dinner out. Sometimes the most fun can be the time you spend together over a good meal. Do you have that man in your family that seems to have everything he wants and you just don’t know what to get him. We’ve experienced that too. If he is a meat lover then we have a wonderful place to suggest for dinner, Texas De Brazil.

Texas De Brazil Steakhouse

First my Husband and I started off with the salad bar. The salad bar is not what you typically think of when visiting a restaurant. This salad bar features cheeses from around the world, many different styles of olives, and soups that you wouldn’t normal catch on the menu.

Other things the salad bar features is premium sliced aged meats, fresh sliced pineapple, roasted vegetables, and salad itself with unique dressings.

Texas De Brazil Steakhouse

As you can see in the picture above I picked up some of the different olives, aged meats, roasted vegetables and fruits, and imported cheeses. With our meal we received one of Texas De Brazil signature drinks.

The Caipirinha includes fresh-squeezed lime, sugar and crushed ice. Served with Cachaca rum. We just hands down loved this drink. I would go back just for this and the lamb.

Texas De Brazil Steakhouse

Texas De Brazil

My Husband and I are not usually fans of steak without A1 sauce but after visiting Texas De Brazil we actually found a place that the meat has plenty of flavor. We tried several meats including the filet mignon wrapped in bacon, leg of lamb, and the parmesan crusted pork loin.

The leg of lamb we both loved. The pork had some serious flavor going on. The filet mignon just melted in my mouth. Over all thought the lamb was our favorite.

Texas De Brazil Steakhouse

Sweet Fried Bananas

The servers walk around with different meats. You have a coaster with red on one side and green on the other. You simply flip the coaster to green to keep the meat coming. Flip it to red to stop. The picture above also shows the garlic mashed potatoes and the sweet fried bananas.

I seriously loved both side dishes. The garlic mashed potatoes were definitely a hit between us both. I really wish you can just get a big side of this instead of the salad bar as an option. The meat and the potatoes had the wow factors. Texas De Brazil is wonderful place to take Dad out to dinner for any occasion.

Thank you to Texas De Brazil for the complementary meal. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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