Stranger Things Cricut Water Bottle

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You have probably heard of the mega hit series on Netflix called Stranger Things. If so, then you probably recognize the pops and the water bottle below. This is a tutorial on how to make the Stranger Things cricut water bottle. For this you will need a water bottle and a cricut machine with oracle 651 sticker paper.

My son has been begging me to watch this show. I know I need to break down and watch it. It’s so set in the 80’s I have a hard time with it. The furniture and decor of that time makes my skin crawl!

That brown furniture and all the yellow was just hideous. However, I easily get the references along with the stuff like never ending story. It’s all from my childhood. Is this why everyone associates with the show so well?

Even though I have yet to break down and watch the show. I promise I will soon and will bet I will end up liking it when I can get through more than three episodes. I knew enough about the show to create him a water bottle for him to take to work with him. See he’s a head chef and he needs to keep cool and hydrated. I wanted a bottle he’d love.

We found the water bottle at Walmart for .98 cents. They are for cold drinks only and are bpa free. Best not to leave these in the heat in a hot car. Great for carrying around with you for jogs, walks, work, and other activities. Even one of these are would be great for kayaking.

To make this project we used the items below

How To Make The Stranger Things Cricut Bottle

First, clean the surface of your bottle. Place the stranger things cricut SVG into the cricut design space (click link and right click save as). Set it for the size you would like the image to be. Select the right settings (I used vinyl and cut black side up on a light weight mat – blue). Cut the file and then weed as needed.

The small pieces in the design take a bit of time. Be sure to allocate the time that is needed for the project. I am not looking forward to making this one for his car when he gets it. Then use the transfer tape to remove the design from the backing and place onto your bottle.

Cutting slits on the sides around the design will help apply the design easier. Peel from left to right equally. Hand wash the bottle and no hot liquids. The oracle is permanent adhesive so it will stay for some time. This is a fun project for stranger things fan!

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Stranger Things Cricut Water Bottle

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