Star Wars The Last Jedi Review


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Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my spoiler free review of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Now, if you were like me you avoided the trailers to go in with the least amount of information as possible. Let’s go ahead jump into the review.

Now, feel the energy of the story, the plot, and development of the characters and receive nothing from here. Other than one thing, you’re going to love this Star Wars film. It’s the best one since Empire Strikes Back.

That’s saying something. Its visuals were stunning, breath taking, and just simply brilliant. The casual feel of being inside of the Star Wars universe has never been so alive. If you allow the force to a guide to a theater perhaps you should sit and watch this movie.

At least ten billion times because it really is brilliantly a masterpiece to the Star Wars name. Also to Rian Johnson, you are a brilliant man, damn you know how to keep a secret!

Ben Solo, the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, turned to the dark side by Supreme Leader Snoke then struck his own father down. Now, as Kylo Ren the boy becomes conflicted. Will he realize his actions or will he destroy the galaxy?

Will Luke Skywalker stop him, or will Rey have to stop him and the First Order? Where does Snoke stand in all of this? These questions will all be answered as you go watch the film! What are you waiting for?

You’ll Get What You Always Wanted

Trust me, when I say. You’ll get what you always wanted. Don’t over think it, just see the movie then you will understand what I mean. You willl feel the joy, heart, and incredible passion of Star Wars once the scroll begins.

No doubt that this is the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Return of the Jedi, but the prequels are decent. Of course, the Force Awakens and Rogue One are just so amazing!

The Last Jedi blew it out of the water. You will not regret ever seeing. It’s the best movie of 2017 hands down! The must watch movie of the year! A 100 of 100!

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Star Wars Last Jedi Review Spoiler Free

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