Sea Shell Polaroid Board

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What better way to display your Polaroid photographs then on this DIY Sea Shell Polaroid Board. This project is on the easy side. The colors can be customized on the board or within painting the sea shells.

 Sea Shell Polaroid Board

Items Needed For Sea Shell Polaroid Board

The boards can easily be cut at home or by an attendant at a local hardware store. Both the sea shells and beach netting can be found at your local Dollar Tree.

The netting is seasonal so I wouldn’t expect it year round. If your lucky enough to live near the beach or visited one recently those shells will work just fine!

The first step would be to cut your boards to the size you prefer. Once cut paint the boards to the colors of your choice. Once they are painted let dry for a few hours.


After the board is dry pull out netting from package. Stretch a portion of it over the board and cut.

Sea Shell Polaroid Board

As you can see below we are stretching it.

 Sea Shell Polaroid Board

We then staple it with a heavy duty staple gun not a stapler. They are too weak. You want to make sure that you have the right staples that they don’t show through the board. Here is a visual of how we stapled it.

 Sea Shell Polaroid Board

Are you secure the netting you can then easy hot glue the edges of the sea shells to the board placing them however you would like. We did them in a small pattern on each end. Let the hot glue dry.

Sea Shell Polaroid Board

As you can see we did one in yellow and another in turquoise blue. Once the shells are attached we added to frame hooks to the back and hung them on the wall. My daughter just used small clothes pins to attach the mini Polaroids to the netting.

Sea Shell Polaroid Board

Here is another full picture of what it looks like.

Sea Shell Polaroid Board

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask below! I would love to be able to help if an issue arises. Happy sea life!

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