Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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*If you are concerned about spoilers I would wait to read this until you’ve seen the movie*

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales and I immediately came home thinking I have to watch the other movies in the series. Seriously, stay after the credits if you go see this.

I will do my best to give a good idea of thoughts on the movie without giving away any spoilers. But if your super concerned I might ruin something for you I would say just read this after you’ve seen the movie. I can say I think their is a few things clashing in the story plots.

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

This installment of the series is the fifth. I honestly thought it completely refreshed the series from the fourth movie. While I loved how the characters of Barbossa and Captain Jack played off each other in the fourth film I just felt like there was too many new characters and not enough of the saga characters we were used to.

That being said, I love the new characters they brought into the new film Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales. I felt like they definitely tied well into the film. The film was done with many returning familiar faces.

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See for me it would have been a deal breaker if Orlando Bloom as Will Turner would not have returned to repraise his role. Though I had hoped to see more of him it was still enough to make me happy.

The story does involve him which is key. The other parts I enjoyed had to be the different ships you get to see through out the film. Very reminiscent to the third film of the series.

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Without giving away secrets we get to see the offspring of two characters which really sets up the full temperament of the film. They keep you lost for awhile which helps keep interest. I feel like Jack didn’t have nearly as many lines that were intelligent per the usual play of Captain Jack on rum.

Which either is fine with me; however, I like that you could still see Jack was half there upstairs. Maybe the trip to Davy Jones locker has finally got to Jack. If you love this series then I highly suggest going to see the new film. It’s not a bust like the fourth. Make sure to stay after the credits!

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