Patriotic American Flag Shorts DIY


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Last year, my daughter and I played around with a few DIY projects for the 4th of July. One of those was a pair of Patriotic American Flag Shorts. You can easily buy them on the rack but if your looking for something fun to do for the fourth and you have paints lying around then this is a project for you.

Patriotic American Flag Shorts DIY #July4th #DIY

We just had the paints and a old pair of pants she grew out of the length of. There is a few ways to do the stars on these. I hand painted them but for a simple way that gives more effect you can use a star sponge and just press the star on.

Use tape to tape off the stripes. Paint your red first in between the strips of tape. Let dry and remove the tape. Fill that section with the white paint and let dry. Once dry on the opposite side of the shorts paint the blue and let dry. Acrylic paint is what we used and it drys pretty fast.

Using a paint brush paint on the white stars. You may also using a sponge that is shaped as a star. Just dip and press. Let the front of the shorts completely dry.

Patriotic American Flag Shorts DIY #July4th #DIY

Painting The Shorts:

On the back pockets paint the white outline around the pockets first. Let dry. The paint in the blue. On the opposite pocket use tape to make your stripes. You see here my daughter just hand painted them but if you use the tape it will help make the lines straight. I suggest masking tape. Once you paint in the red stripes let it dry. Sponge or hand paint your stars over the blue. The add in your white stripes. Let the jeans full dry overnight. Wash them the next day so you get the wore in effect.

Patriotic American Flag Shorts DIY #July4th #DIY

These Patriotic American Flag Shorts can be worn to any Fourth of July festival, party, or just home gathering. These also can be worn all summer long just as well. The more worn in they get the better I think they look. I love the faded effect. Gives it more a vintage feel to the shorts. Are you doing any 4th of July projects? I would love to hear about them below!

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Patriotic American Flag Shorts

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