New Year’s Eve Printables

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You might just be last minute like me and decide that hey you just might want to decorate for the new year. See this is why I love keeping frames around the house. I can easily print out one of the new year’s eve printables with fun New Year’s quotes on it. The I pop them into a frame and display them on the table or in the entry way.

New Year's Eve Printables

Printables really are great for me. Sometimes life just gets in the way then I don’t have the time to actually decorate like I would love to. Lately, I have been making a wreath for the holiday’s that I love. When each holiday rolls back around I have a wreath already made.

New Year's Eve Printables

This way I actually feel accomplished for the holidays! I also keep printables in the frame from season to season. I place them behind the new ones I print so I don’t have to reprint each year. To use the printable above or below just click the image and save the pdf.

New Year's Eve Printables

If your anything like me then the sign above explains your life when you feel like being a part of life. I am not always that girl though. Sometimes I like to laying in my bed with my sweet dog Z and watch movies. Other times I can easily be the life of the party. Guess that’s why I enjoy decorating so much!

New Year's Eve Printables

Hope you all had a wonderful year and if not I hope that 2018 brings in new, fantastic changes! I’d love to hear about your resolution and/or if your a blogger. What do you have planned for the coming year?

I am looking forward to spending much more time writing and sharing travel, printables, recipes, and so much more with all of you! I am also excited to add a new writer to grow the entertainment section of this blog! We love movies so this should be fun!

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New Year's Eve Printables

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