How To Make Halloween Soaps

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This thing called Halloween I’m completely obsessed with. Scatter around my house will be pumpkins, bats, bloody knives, Halloween soaps, and skulls. Especially love horror movies. I’d like to think of really amazingly spooky DIY projects.


Here I would like to show you one of the projects for How To Make Halloween Soaps. I hope to bring you new ones all through out the holiday season so stay tuned!

These are so simple. Really great for simple gifts to friends and family. Simple enough for the younger children to help. Any age over 4 is best basically once they have learned NOT to put items in their mouth. You can see from the pictures that I used clear soap also.


For theses soaps you may also use orange, green, or purple soap. I like the clear because it allows the toys to be the pop of color. I bought three bags of different Halloween rings and toys along with three bottles of soap.


Cut the rings backs off the rings with scissors. Pour out about a tablespoon of soap from container. Add toys pieces into the soaps. Once finished return top to the soaps and shake to move toys inside around.


To gift just add to a gift basket with silver or orange paper stuffing. Good items to pair with it would be loofahs. You could also pair them with small wash clothes or other Halloween candies.

You can always make it a part of a BOO kit. BOO kit is something you boo a friend with by surprise. Then they can BOO it forward.


Notice how I grouped the Halloween toys together to make one bats, one skulls, and the last one spiders and skulls. I found this an easier way for me but you can have fun mixing it all up.

Also, these can be made in advance for holiday gifts. You can also make these a year in advance then just easily place one in the bathroom during said time of year.


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