How To Cut A Blooming Onion

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One of my favorite items on a appetizer menu is the Blooming Onion also known as the Awesome Blossom. With onions on sale at my local market, I wondered if I could really make a onion at home. I thought for sure the hardest part would have to be the cutting. Actually, the hardest part is getting it in and out of the frying pot! Here is a how to cut a blooming onion video.

To learn how to make the dust the onion visit the post with the recipe. This is an older blog post that I hope to update soon. You can check out other fried items like this chicken fried chicken. Making this recipe for fried onions is fun for appetizers at a party.

Think of how great this would be for football games like Superbowl. Additionally, this recipe can be made up for march madness, movie night, or just because. Because it’s really that tasty. It has nothing to do with Australian even though they say it does at the Outback steakhouse. It also called cactus blossom which is one of it’s many names.

The idea here is that the recipe is similar but not exact to those you find at restaurants. The seasonings use give the onion flavor. We hope you enjoy the video and the recipe link above.

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