Great Gatsby Wedding Cake


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As many of you may know my husband and I finally had our wedding after 13 or so years. We were married just a year before the ceremony on October 31st, 2014. Our ceremony was on October 25th, 2015. This is our Great Gatsby Wedding Cake and how we had it made,

Great Gatsby Cake - Kopalek Wedding

Our wedding was themed Great Gatsby but we called it Once Upon A Roaring 20’s. When searching for cake ideas my husband and I spent hours on Pinterest looking. Eventually we came up with a design and I took it to Jenny Layne Bakery

Jenny really helped me feel comfortable about trusting the cake to someone else. Honestly, I can bake cakes and decorate them myself but the daunting task of doing on or before my wedding day I knew I had to find a good decorator.

Luckily, when I walked into Jenny’s shop she was there. She quick drew a mock up of the cake I wanted. Jennyexplained to me she had a young man working there that was going to architecture schooling and would definitely be able to do the art deco I wanted.

She drew it up with the art deco with the square cake features and round. I was able to take it home to the V and he said he wanted square. I called Jenny up and placed the order. It was just that simple.

If your in my area you have to go to her for cakes. We picked chocolate with oreo filling for the bottom and the top featured strawberry with lemon filling. Super tasty!

Great Gatsby Cake - Kopalek Wedding

The Cake Topper

The cake topper we found on Etsy. The Pink Owl was nice enough to send us a sample for our wedding. The topper is completely adorable. We at first wanted a Gatsby quote but with lack of time we went with something that explains both of our interests in space and all the wonders it holds.

The Pink Owl has plenty of different toppers to choose from. We are in fact ordering a topper from them for my daughter’s 16th birthday and a cake from Jenny Layne Bakery to top her sweet tier at her birthday.

You will have to stay tuned in for that post. We saved the original packaging from The Pink Owl and replaced the topper in it to keep it safe for now. Later we plan to display it! I hope this cake and topper brings you some inspiration for your wedding day or renewal of vows.

Thank you to Jenny Layne Bakery and The Pink Owl for your contributions to my wedding. I received products in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Nice cake there Jennie, it must taste heaven! I’s really good to have a wedding cake that is unique and also bearing a strong message. Thanks a lot for sharing the inspiration.


  2. Hello Jennie! This cake seems very delicious. I also want to cut such kind of cake on my wedding day. Your blog gave me an idea to find the designer cakes. Thank you for sharing it.