Great Gatsby Wedding Bridesmaids Balls

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The wedding is almost here and I am super duper excited and crazed all at the same time.  Three months until I get to decorate my heart out of everything Gatsby. I mean who wouldn’t love that? Lately, I have been working on the bridesmaids flowers that the girls will walk down the aisle with. So I made these Great Gatsby Wedding Bridesmaids Balls.

Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

At first of course I thought about fake and real flowers. After working as a florist for some time I learned that real flowers while beautiful they die and are quite pricey. Say you want to keep your boutique to put in your hutch (china cabinet) on display for everyone to see.

You should have options. This is what inspired me to make all my wedding flowers out of paper and a Great Gatsby novel or two. 

The Great Gatsby Wedding Bridesmaids Balls is what I came up with. Very simple to put together, doesn’t take much product, and just a bit of effort. The cost is cheap too! It takes about 8 items to make these.

Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

I will say I waited for Hobby Lobby sales in each department to get 50% off each except the foam balls and flower hole punch in which I used the 40% coupon on their app. The full project cost me $15. 

make great gatsby wedding balls: 

  • 6- 3″ styrofoam floral balls
  • 1 Great Gatsby book’ soft back
  • 800 Pearl Head Dressmaking Pins
  • 1 flower hole punch
  • 6 clear plastic diamond ties
  • 1 to 2 spools of ribbon (I did one spool pink and one black)
  • 2 sheets pink card stock
  • 2 sheets black card stock
  • Plyers 

Take the ball and press the clear plastic diamond ties through with the diamond at the bottom of the ball. Cut a small bit of wire off the top and with the players make a small loop. Wrap the tail of the wire around the bottom of the loop.

Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

Using the hole punch punch out pages of the Gatsby book, the pink card stock, and the black card stock. With one piece of pink and one piece of Gatsby put the Gatsby on top and the pink on bottom. Push the pins through the center. Press the pin and flowers in the bottom of the foam ball. 

Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

Repeat this process until the ball starts to fill up. Once the ball is filled to where you see no foam entirely it is now time to add the ribbon through the loop. Cut two pieces of ribbon the length you want them to hang with a bit excess for the knot. Pull the ribbon through the loop and knot at the top. 

Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

This completes the ball and you now have a hanging Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Ball. You can do this with just about any book you can think of from Harry Potter to Twilight or even Dracula. I will have more coming soon on the Bride’s bouquet, throw bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages. I hope you like this little piece of my wedding and I would love to see what you come up with from this tutorial. 

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Great Gatsby Bridesmaids Balls

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