Gifts To Buy Your Star Wars Lover


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These gifts are great for year round items to buy that Star Wars Lover in your life. Whether it’s Valentines, Christmas, or a birthday these will fit any occasion. First off you have to have those really cool Star Wars gifts that are for foodies. Because of course here at Mooshu Jenne we are foodies.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set is a must have in any kitchen. If your anything like my husband you would make sure to buy this Darth Vader Toaster for anyone’s birthday just so you could have it in the kitchen. Quite seriously he did mention buying it for our daughter’s birthday. I had to tell him that’s not a good idea! And something I personally love is the Star Wars Chop Sabers . I am a huge Chinese food fan so these would be used far to much in my kitchen.

Star Wars Kitchen

Then you have the Star Wars collector. You know the one that has to have everything Star Wars. This would be my son. Recently, I picked up a Revell SnapTite Build & Play Imperial Star Destroyer Building Kit for his bookcase. I thought it would be an awesome display without much work. He loves it! Very easy to put together and no paint. I also plan to pick up these other two Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker Building Kit and the Star Wars Episode 7 Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Build

Then you have the techie like me or my other son. We love really cool chargers. Some thing this Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger or maybe this Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger. And don’t forget the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (With Bonus Content) will release soon so pre-order it just like we did.

Star Wars Media

Whether or not your Star Wars Lover is a foodie, a techie, or a collector you can find some really unique gifts for them. I love Star Wars so I really wanted to share with you something that I have a huge passion for. My son and I love to see every film. He’s also pretty good at trivia. He stumps me sometimes!

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