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When it comes to Fall the first thought in my mind is Harry Potter! I just love the mystical and magical world that J. K Rowling created. I think of all the treats from her book like chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties but I also think of the cutest and creative parties that can be thrown when it comes to a Harry Potter watch party. This free wizard potter party printable pack is just that. It’s my way of showing you how to throw a wizard’s party.

Wizard Potter Party Banner

First, I like to print the banner above about six to eight pages, cut each one out, then hole punch each top of the square part. Furthermore, I find gold or black ribbon and tie each piece together. On the ends I add one that I knot and then pin to the wall or the fireplace for magical decorating.

Wizard Potter Party Hat

Secondly, I print out the party hats for the guests. I like to print these then cut out and cut the slit with exacto knife. Then insert and glue. I punch small holes and attach elastic string in black for people to wear the hats. On the tops I like to glue pom pom glitter gold and black balls to the top for extra sparkle.

Wizard Potter Party Cupcake Wrap

Third, I bake all the cupcakes and top with white icing and with edible gold glitter. I use gold foil bottoms then cut and wrap the cupcake wrappers above around the cupcake. Trim them then glue with a glue stick or put a tad of hot glue. They stay together and you don’t have to worry about your cake soaking through your cupcake liner.

Wizard Potter Party Treat Bag Toppers

Lastly, I like to make snacks for the party. Whether it be pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, or bernie botts every flavor beans they go great in small favor plastic bags. I just print these bag toppers above and cut then staple to the top of the bag. Don’t forget polyjuice potion for your drinks. These are great with all kinds of Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts treat. To print this Free Wizard’s Potter Party Printable just click here.

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Free Wizards Potter Party Pack

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