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My husband and I love restaurants with locally sourced food. Not only does it usually taste better but it puts money right back into to the community. When we visited Fireside Pies we both were amazed at the ways they were incorporating fresh and local ingredients.


Fireside Pies isn’t just a pizza restaurant. They are using top of the line ingredients then wowing your taste buds.

We started off with the kale salad with beets which also featured orchard apples, candied orange slices, and a mustard dressing. This salad was off the charts! Then we moved on to the Peppadew wings.

These are wings tossed in a peppedew sauce which is similar to an Asian flavor and is a tad spicy.  They are organic chicken wings which were so different. Like the chicken flavor is off the charts.

My husband said it tastes more like the chicken you get in Prague over the chicken you get in the states. So what’s a peppadew you may be asking it’s the trademarked brand name of sweet piquanté peppers grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa.


While we awaited our pie (pizza) we enjoyed some drinks. First was a Berry Rose White Sangria. The fresh berry taste with beautiful raspberries on the straw seriously I could drink these over and over. They were so delightful!


And then they brought out the root beer whiskey. This drink has no root beer in it but tastes just like root beer. They designed this drink with special liquors and other items that they make fresh in house. This is a strong drink. My husband enjoyed it but said one was more than enough.

FiresidePies (4)

Here is another picture for good measure.


Then our pie arrived. We decide to have the prosciutto pie with kale and pepperoni. The pies are so different. Each pie you eat you have to judge it from the crust up to the fresh toppings. This pie the crust is one of my favorites now in town.

The wood fired pie crust is delicious, light, and airy. The flavor of the fresh prosciutto, pepperoni, and kale make it this explosive taste in your mouth. I loved the pie and my husband the same.

This isn’t usually the case we have only one other place that does this. Overall, I would highly suggest a nice date at Fireside Pies. We will definitely be going back and soon for their Peach Fest. You can find more information on this below.

The upcoming summertime special at Fireside Pies! Everything is peachy. Fireside Pies will be hosting a “Peach Fest” special at their restaurants from May 25 to July 6. Their chefs will be incorporating peaches (all sourced locally from Cooper’s Farms) into a variety of cocktails, entrees and desserts. It’s a sweet, refreshing way to celebrate summer. Don’t forget to stop by for a visit!

Thank you to Fireside Pies for the complimentary meal. All opinions expressed here are my own experiences.

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  1. I think I’ve had the very same pie as the one you guys had. It was out of this world. It’s about time I go back, especially for a peachy drink. This is a super-cute blog, by the way. My stomach growled the moment my eyes landed on that bowl of ramen. Dang it. 🙂