How To Cut The Cable Cord


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Thinking about cutting the cable cord? All to often now people are looking to the internet and stand alone apps to watch the TV shows or movies they love. After a huge change over between Verizon to Frontier left us with a bigger bill then we’ve every seen. That’s when the decision came to cut the cable cord.

We looked into every option to still have the shows we love to watch, the races, and movies. This is a story with plenty of how to’s on how to cut the cable cord. Below I have broke this into sections to make it easier to scan if your looking for specific information.  I

won’t be mentioning anything about the TV antenna’s you can buy cause honestly they just don’t give you the access you want for the good shows.


After a little research we first picked to go with our play station for TV viewing. We don’t have a smart TV and didn’t want to go out and buy a new one just now. However, play station didn’t have the options we needed.

Little more research turned out that something inexpensive would be the Fire TV Stick from Amazon. They also offer Fire TV which is about double the price. We needed to purchase for more than one TV so we felt the Amazon Fire TV Stick was the way to go.

Honestly, we love it on every level. When we first received it the daughter was impressed by it (she was using her Xbox) that she wanted one. I waited for a sale on Amazon Prime Day and got the stick for just $25.

How To Cut The Cable Cord

After purchasing the Amazon Fire TV Stick it was a no brainer to go ahead and pick up Amazon Prime. There is two different Prime packages offered. One at $8.99 (monthly) which is just Prime Video or $10.99 (monthly)  for Prime.

We select the Prime so we would get the video, ability to rent movies, and have the shipping for free on most Prime items. This came out as a wonderful deal for us. As we buy from Amazon often.

One of the shows we love to watch is Vikings. What I like about Prime is that they have a few shows we watch for instance Vikings, Downton Abbey, and Rome (older but still love to rewatch). Prime can also be watched on the go which is a plus.

You can also get third party services through Prime like HBO, Starz, and Showtime. It has a good selection of content but I couldn’t just use Prime alone for all of my TV needs. Below is some more information on different apps we’ve tried. You’ll see what worked for us and what didn’t. 


This was something we already had when we had cable. When we cut the cable cord it was easy to say we were keeping Netflix. With busy schedules sometimes you cannot keep up with a TV show you love.

This is where Netflix comes in with it’s binge watching of TV shows right down to their own TV series they are now adding. From what I hear Stranger Things is the one to watch.

How To Cut The Cable Cord

While I haven’t see it yet I really enjoyed Marco Polo. The series was interesting. Netflix has a large selection of movies along with plenty of independent films which my son is addicted to. Always a good source to find what you like.

I also like that this has profile to set each family member under to pick their own list of items to watch. Netflix is also great on the go! I pay for the two streams at $9.99 (monthly). You can also add DVD’s or Blu Rays for an extra cost to get plenty of movie power.


Sling TV can bring your favorite in TV channels straight to your Amazon Prime or just about any other source you use for streaming on your TV.

At Sling offers three different packages. One with 25 channels ($20) , one with 40 channels ($25), and one with all the channels they offer($40).  Some of the channels are AMC, A&E,  Travel Channel, History channel, and even Fox Sports for those sport fanatics.

How To Cut The Cable Cord

It’s supported on just about every single device. They offer a free 7 day trial so you can take it for a test run to see if you like the service. This I have found is the closest to offering LIVE TV then any other product.

Most are watch the next day or when the content gets loaded. If your a watch in the now person I suggest looking into Sling. Can also be found as an app on Prime. No enough on demand content though. I would like to see more of that here.


If your a TV show buff then this might be what you want. This has most TV shows. Most you can watch the day after it airs on TV. You can get a week free trial to see if you like it. Has some movies but the selection isn’t the best.

This is really for those that like TV. Come with the ability to add Showtime. Two packages are available those would be $7.99 (monthly)  with commercials and $11.99 (monthly)  with no commercials. Can also be found as an app on Prime.


Who doesn’t love Outlander? Witty, historical, and lots of kilts! This is my one reason for having Starz. When I decided to cut the cable cord I was worried I would lose this show. In the end, I found that they have an app as an add on through Amazon Prime or you can use the stand alone app that Starz has released for $8.99 (monthly) .

How To Cut The Cable Cord

No contracts so you can watch while the show you like is on then shut down until the next time it comes. Or you might like the movies and other shows on Starz to keep it year round. Shows air in the same day up to an hour after it airs live on TV.


If your like me then living without HBO could be tough. I mean NO Game of Thrones that’s just unheard of! HBO NOW is the stand alone and they have an app for Prime. Coming at $15 a month you can still get all your Game of Thrones fixes.

Also, HBO NOW has tons of movies. If your the movie buff then I highly suggest HBO NOW. Same as all the other apps there is no contract. Plus HBO is nice enough to offer a free 1 month trial. Which is plenty of time to decide if you like it or not. Shows air in the same day up to an hour after it airs live on TV.

How To Cut The Cable Cord


Showtime has a lot of great shows like Penny Dreadful and The Borgias. You can add this as a add on with your Prime subscription. Plenty of movies but most are older than what is newly on cable TV.

How To Cut The Cable Cord

This would be a hard one to decide to have just because I like Penny Dreadful however, it is on Netflix and I can always wait to watch. Depends on what you like. The have a free 7 day trial and after it’s just $8.99 (monthly) with Prime.


There is tons of free stand alone apps on Prime TV. Travel Channel and many others but most of these ask for your cable provider. Some will work with just internet service packages. Other channels like NBC have their own apps for a small fee like $5.99 a month but that is all about what what you really want to watch.

How To Cut The Cable Cord


After writing this post we received a free antenna from Antenna’s Direct because they read this post and would like to be included. We received an antenna that you can put on the window with a long cord that goes to the outlet. Set up was pretty easy.

This allows us to now watch some of the races and other shows we like. Such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and etc. It will also be wonderful for us to watch the Macy’s Day Parade and watch the ball drop if we are home. I would highly suggest this if you like the news or watch some content on those networks. Once you have the antenna there is no additional cost. It’s work with what’s in your area.


First, I would make a list of all the shows you like and then go through all the apps to see what they offer. Like I mentioned above most of these have no contract unlike traditional TV.  If you don’t like something you can stop the subscription then try something else. I cut the cable cord then go good internet with a good speed. Something like Fios or WiFi is the best. Then I selected Prime, Netflix, Starz, and HBO NOW.

Two of those I only subscribe to when the shows I like are running on them. Prime I like for Vikings TV Show and Netflix for catching up on everything else. In total, from cutting the cable cord I saved $100 a month. With an internet package at $64 (plus taxes), Prime at $10.99 a month (plus taxes), and Netflix at $9.99 a month (plus taxes) I am pretty happy with what I have and the cost. Start up cost was $40. Over all, I can now go out to the movies and dinner more often and my savings account is growing. Take back the control of your TV and all those crazy monthly costs!


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How to cut the cable cord without sacrificing your favorite shows.

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