The Best National Dog Party Day

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With National Dog Party Day around the corner I wanted to give you a few great pointers on how to throw the Best National Dog Party Day for your beloved pooch and his friends. Z loves to be spoiled.

National Dog Party Day

We know how much we love our fur babies just as much as we love our own kids. Unless your just a fur mommy or daddy which in any case you probably feel the same way.

Pick the Perfect Location

The first step to throwing the Best National Dog Party Day is to think of the perfect location. Pet parks, community parks, or someone’s backyard is always a wonderful fit for a dog party day. Remember to look up the rules for each place and let all your guests know the specifics. Most parks these days have clean up materials for you animals so double check to make sure. 

National Dog Party Day

Your Invitation List

Remember when setting up an invite list keep in mind which dogs will get along. If your unsure then try having your dog meet in advance on a one on one level. A good general rule of thumb is dogs of similar size. If your dog is a calm dog I would suggest other calm dogs also. Same goes if your dog is hyper I would suggest a hyper dog.

National Dog Party Day

Party Rules

The purpose of a National Dog Party Day is for you to get together with friends and their furbabies. However, we should have the thought to keep everyone safe. Make a standing rule that all dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations before attending. Also, be sure all animals are well socialized before inviting.

National Dog Party Day

Serve What’s Healthy

Good rules to follow would be no chocolate, grapes, onions, or raisins. Some fruits like strawberries and cantaloupe are great for dogs in small amounts. Always check with the pet owner on allergies for them and their furbabies. Don’t forget to Beef Up YOUR Summer with snacks from Pup Peroni including the prime rib flavor. Take the Beef Up Your Summer Quiz.

National Dog Party Day

Goodie Bags

A great way to have some extra fun on National Dog Party Day is to give out goodie bags. Great suggestions to fill them would be wellness check ups, dog wash places, healthy treats, pet picture frames, and/or dog safe toys for their entertainment!

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