Belle Goes To The Banquet

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Recently, my daughter and I came up with an idea to do a Belle (Beauty and the Beast) style photo shoot. I bought her the mirror and we thought we would get some roses. Eventually schedules didn’t approve and the rain came again and again.

Belle Goes To The Banquet

The Photo Shoot For Belle

Finally, for one day the rain disappear and the sun came out. The same day as banquet. While we forgot the mirror and the roses we did happen to get some pictures in this beautiful dress from Azazie.

We did the Belle Goes to the Banquet photo shoot. In time we will do another shoot of her in the dress as Belle with the mirror and roses when the rain decides to no constantly loom over us. Though I have no complaints as I am not ready for the 100 degree weather just yet.

Did I mention that Azazie sells bridesmaid and wedding dresses. However, the bridesmaid dresses can easily be worn for other occasions like banquets, recitals, photo shoots, ETC.

They also sell off their sample dresses from time to time so you can pick up cute dresses like this for about $35. Now you can’t beat that when you can buy a sundress elsewhere for about the same price. 

Belle Goes To The Banquet

We also added some really adorable charms in her hair called Charmsies. I really wanted to get some these before my wedding and I never could find any or what they were even called.

Now, I know and this is a light version of what we plan to possibly do for prom. Look for a post coming soon with a tutorial of how these work. 

Belle Goes To The Banquet

What I also love about Azazie is that the size have a huge range which is so awesome! No matter what size you are you can find an adorable dress at Azazie. 

Belle Goes To The Banquet

I am really looking forward to the next shoot with this dress. She had a good time at banquet. Now we have the rains back again but maybe in a week or so I can do the next shoot so stay tuned!

Azazie sent me a free dress and Charmsies sent me a few packets of stones in return for a photo shoot. All opinions expressed here are completely my own.

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