7 Tips To Plan A Spring Break Staycation


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Did spring break sneak up on you? Planning to wait for that big vacation until summer? I have 7 tips to plan a spring break staycation that will rock anyone’s socks off. Seriously, I have 7 tips that will help you in planning a staycation.

7 tips to plan a spring break staycation

Act Like it’s a Real Vacation:

Leave work and school activities in the dust. These are not things you would do a on a real vacation so don’t do them on a staycation.

Get Creative: 

The best way to have fun is to pick a place close to home. Maybe it’s a hotel like the Great Wolf Lodge or maybe it’s a trip to the city. Find some local ghost town or ruins to visit. Learn the history. Staycations can be just as fun as vacations away. History can always be intriguing.

Pack What You Need: 

Staycations should still be away from the home. Getting out in your town or camping can also be other ways to save but still get away. Make sure you pack what you need so there is no back to the house trips.

What About Food: 

Go to places you’ve never tried before this make for an exotic experience. Go to a Farmer’s Market and snack on fresh fruits. If your camping whether it be the backyard of local lake teach them how to cook with farm fresh foods.

Make it a Movie: 

Have fun where ever you are but have the kids help with their phones, cause we know they want to be on them, to make a movie. Have them film what they though was fun, pretty, and remember-able. This will creative a fun video when you combine them all at home. They will love this when you get a chance to all sit down and watch it.

Be A Tourist: 

Some of the funniest times can be had by being a tourist in your own city. We visited a place near home last year for a spring break staycation. We learned about the history, visited places we never knew were there, and found new places to eat at when we have free time.

Find a Photo: 

What a fun way to grow everyone’s instagrams and snapchats. The game is find a photo. Take a picture of the coolest thing you see. The take a picture of the prettiest thing you see. Then take a picture of your favorite food you had. Take about funny hashtags to add to it. Then visit each other’s posts. Social media can be just as engaging if you engage in it together!

7 tips to plan a spring break staycation

Follow along with this tips and I have no doubt you will have a wonderful staycation with the family!

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7 Tips To Plan A Spring Break Staycation

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