5 Tips For Saving On Your Wedding Gown

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After taking a trip to the designer shop I realized really quickly that spending $5000 or so on a wedding dress that I would wear one day wasn’t for me. After my experiences I want to share 5 tips for saving on your wedding gown. The first tip is really the best tip of all.

Once Upon a Roaring Wedding (Kopalek) - Mooshu Jenne

Tip 1:

Know the style of dress you want and start looking the minute you set a date. Wedding dresses are plenty but that one dress you envision yourself in my not be as easy to find or you might need to adjust/sew/adore what you want to the dress. Had I started sooner I would have had a full feather skirt.

Tip 2:

Don’t be afraid to order a dress online. Just start early like I said in #1. There is a few places but the one I suggest is Azazie. They have a sample program where you can try it on before you buy it. The size range from 2 to 28 which is really nice because most shops don’t have larger samples.

You also don’t have to deal with that sells lady tell you, you look great in something you wouldn’t put on your dog (or cat). Order a sample, bring your maids over, and enjoy your time deciding. The dress I am wearing is the retired Norah from Azazie. They have just beautiful gowns. It was also under $400. Can’t beat that for such a gorgeous gown!

Wedding Dress - Norah - Azazie

Tip 3:

Don’t spend thousands on a dress. Azazie and other companies alike offer dresses that look like those over priced designer gowns. In fact, I have found the material, embroidery, and accents to be better on the wedding gown I ordered over the $1500 dress I almost bought.

There is just no need. Save it and spend it on the Honey Moon or on your venue. Setting is just as important as the dress and cake. You can search clearance sections, online shops, or check out resale wedding shops online.

Once Upon a Roaring Wedding (Kopalek) - Mooshu Jenne

Tip 4:

Pick a theme that you don’t have to have a formal wedding gown. Theme’s like Great Gatsby, Picnic wedding, 1940’s and 1950’s all have easier dresses.

You can find dresses for these types of weddings cheaper and same for your bridesmaids. Keep in mind they would rather spend less and have a dress they can wear again too!

Once Upon a Roaring Wedding (Kopalek) - Mooshu Jenne

Tip 5:

Make your own! This really isn’t that hard. You can easily Google a tutorial for a tulle skirt (tutu). Make one of these in pink or white and pair with a lovely silk or satin tank. Find a burst of color cardigan like yellow or pink.

Your imagination is the limit. I’ve seen everything from something simple like I mentioned here to crochet and toilet paper dresses.

Just design and go! My husband even sewed the corset back into my gown because he wanted it to be more than just a zipper. It took a really large needle and a pair of pliers but he did it!

Wedding Dress - Norah - Azazie

Lastly, I will leave with a video from my wedding. We got married October 25th, 2015. My wedding was under $3500 including dress, venue, and more. Look for another article coming soon telling all about it. I do have a few DIY posts too!

Thank you to Azazie for your contributions to my wedding. I received my dress Azazie Norah (retired) in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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