10 Movies To Watch During The Christmas Season

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It’s the holiday season! Who’s excited? Probably already started to watch the Hallmark channel. For my family there is 10 movies that rein supreme when it comes to Christmas movies that would be a must watch.

These movies have become a tradition in our home through out the holiday season. We will start this list with the first one as the first movie we like to watch then we work our way down the list.

Polar Express

Every single Christmas season the first movie to usually hit the blu ray player is the Polar Express. It’s a story of a young boy that is losing his faith in Christmas however, after a few experiences along with another young girl, boy, and boy from the other side of the tracks he learns the real meaning of Christmas.

This is one that really shows the spirit of the holidays in just about every single way. Polar Express is the number one must watch for kids and adults. To me it’s not a dark film as some might say. It really captures Christmas and great for younger kids to learn the meaning of what the holidays are all about.

Love Actually

This is one for the adults. Love Actually is jut exactly that the hardships, the new relationships, and so much more that can hit us in the face at the holidays. BUT! It also shows us that no matter how awful you can still find some joy and some way through changes to still enjoy the holidays.

This is my second movie to watch at the Christmas season because I love the sound track, the comedy, and even the heartbreak. I could watch it a million times and then a million times more! Besides, who doesn’t like Colin Firth as an awkward romantic.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

This is a classic for my family. So much that this year we decided to do a Christmas tree and holiday wreath in Harry Potter as a part of a Wizarding Christmas theme on the blog here.

Where I will show you how I made these items via DIY. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is one movie without a doubt that should be in your Christmas movie entourage. From Wizard’s chest to invisibility cloaks with plenty of snow this movie is a must!

The Grinch

That greedy mean old grinch. We all know someone like that at the holiday season but sometimes we don’t know why. It’s fun and weird and its a Dr. Seuss story so it’s a must at the holidays.

However, I like that this movie reminds us that not everyone has it easy at the holidays. Before just calling someone a grinch find a way to help them or what’s wrong. You might make a new friend or two.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

What a class act! If you don’t love the Peanuts then your in the wrong place. For me, the holiday season is not complete with out a little Charlie, Snoopy, Woodstock, and even Lucy. Decorate a sad tree, get some hot chocolate with cookies, and sit down to watch this timeless classic.

A Christmas Story

The dogs eating the turkey and you have to go to a Chinese place for Christmas. Come on it’s just not Christmas without the timeless tale. It still rings in my ears “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Along with never stick your tongue to a flag pole and soap in the mouth is a very real thing. In the end it’s definitely been a Christmas story!

Home Alone

I remember when this movie came out. My grandmother and I went to see it. We never laughed so hard! She loved this film and it quickly became a Christmas favorite that went on for years. I can still hear her laughter. Home Alone is a great film to sit down with pizza and the family.  Go cry happy tears!


I am going to admit right up front that I am not a Will Ferrell fan. I find him overly cheesy. Elf is one for the kids. Insanely funny with crazy food concoctions. Be careful because you just might find your kids the next day trying to make some of them!

Santa Clause (The series)

All of these films have a rightful place int he Christmas movie list. The first one for me lives in a special memory of watching it with my kids when they were young. Baking cookies, this on the TV, and sipping hot chocolate.

Laughing and talking all about how you would be Santa and what would you do if that happened to you.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman

Both classics! These live on through my childhood and I know it does the same for many others. It’s the all time always on TV shorts that you will remember watching. Carry that tradition on with your kids. It’s legend. I love to sit and watch these or have them on as we bake.

Take a little time off. Get a pizza, some hot chocolate, then bake some cookies. Share time with family and friends while watching a few of these on our list! Happy Holidays!

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