10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

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Today, we are sharing with you 10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes we picked for your high school or college student. Some of these are great for the elementary and middle school aged children but we wanted to put a focus on the other age groups. These are the lunch boxes we’d choose for the upcoming school year!

Black + Blum’s Lunch Pot

This has to be one of my most favorite lunch box accessories. Maybe because when it comes to lunch I am the HUGEST fan of soups. This Black + Blum lunch pot is perfect for soups and using the bottom for oyster crackers or croutons. Additionally, you can add fruit or seeds like pumpkin seeds to the bottom.

Smart Planet Portion Perfect Meal Kit with Spork

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Two things we love about this lunch kit is that once your done eating lunch it’s fully collapsible to place back in your back pack or tote bag. Secondly, it has a spork and who doesn’t love a spork! It even has a nifty area to keep sauces in on the top! This has a seal that keeps it from spilling. We like to soak the seal every now and again to keep from getting funky!

Smart Planet Eco Collapsible Salad Bowl

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Is the above version too big for you? Then check out the salad bowl version. It’s also collapsible with a featured area to keep the dressing and vegetables/fruits separate. Furthermore, it comes with a spoon and fork. The lid also locks in place.

Lillie Stackable Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

This Lille stainless steel set will keep your food warm up to three hours. Comes with an insulated bag for carrying. It has three leak and spill proof layers that come with a spoon. It’s made from food safe stainless steel that will not rust and is naturally BPA – free.

Rubbermaid Lunchblox

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

We personally have this one in the house. What was loved about it is that you can lock them together and if you want more containers you can buy extras to add to the set. Fits nicely in a neoprene lunch bag. The blue ice in the center can be froze to keep both layers cool through out the day with out melting ice.

Lifefactory 2 Cup BPA-Free Glass Food Storage and Bakeware

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

The Lifefactory sets coming in all different sizes and colors which is fantastic if your all about expressing yourself. I love the pumpkin orange color. It’s microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. You can also find water bottles from Lifefactory that can pair with your lunch. We have a water bottle and enjoy using it while kayaking.

Frego BPA-Free Glass Food Storage Container

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Frego is another one we own that we just love! Write on the outside what’s inside and it easily washes off later. The glass container inside is great for microwaving your food. The lid is a great seal and it’s wonderful for any adult that might take lunch to work.

Pack It Freezable Lunch Bag

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Maybe you already have one of the above mentioned containers and/or lunch boxes. We decided to toss in a few bags that might interest you to pop those containers into. This PackIt bag contains a freezable gel that will keep your food cool all day. Just pop it in the fridge the day before and its ready to go!

Flatbox Original Placemat Lunch Bag

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Would you like a lunch bag with additional uses? This is Flatbox lunch bag easily unzips and folds out into a place mat. Allowing you to enjoy your lunch in the park or where ever you deem fit to! Made from neoprene so it’s easily 100% washable.

Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse by Art of Lunch – Artist Monika Strigel (Germany) Donate $.40 of every sale to Pacific Whale Foundation – Really Mermaid

10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

Lastly, this bag when purchased helps save whales. If you like to show off your mermaid style and what to help save the whales in our oceans this is a perfect way of showing it! Adorably cute and made of neoprene it’s wonderful to pack your lunch in.

No matter which of these you choose these bags and boxes are perfect sustainable ways to take lunch. Eating lunch is important to a healthy diet and fuels the mind for education. Why not do it in style!

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10 Bodacious Back To School Lunch Boxes

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  1. Great list of lunch boxes! I love all of them especially the Neoprene lunch bag its beautiful and such a good cause and good reason to buy a lunch bag!